Medical Students


Protect the investment you’ve made in your education

As a medical student, you want to focus on your studies, not on protecting your finances in case of an unforeseen illness or injury. If you take a medical leave from school, a financial institution can request repayment of your student loan.

Disability Insurance provides you with a monthly payment in the event that an accident or sickness prevents you from continuing your medical studies. Many disability policies also cover partial claims in the event that you are not able to work or study full-time but must reduce hours.


  • Medical evidence not required;
  • Discounted Disability Insurance;
  • Coverage that keeps pace with you;
  • No need to worry about income earned.


  • First and second year medical students – $1500
  • Third year medical students – $2500
  • Fourth year medical students – $4000

If you are a McMaster University medical student, your 3rd year will be considered final year.

Total Disability:

You are eligible to receive full disability insurance benefits if you are unable to attend a full-time undergraduate medical school program as a result of sickness or injury, are under the regular care of a physician and are not engaged in any gainful occupation.

Partial Disability:

The partial disability insurance benefit can help ease you back to medical school on a part-time basis, while under the regular care of a physician. You are considered to be partially disabled, if as a result of sickness or injury, you can only attend medical school at least one half the time normally required.

You don’t have to be totally disabled to receive benefits. In the first 36 months of partial disability, you will receive 50% of your monthly benefit. After 36 months you will receive 25% of your monthly benefit.

Presumptive Disability:

You will qualify for full disability insurance benefits if you totally and irrecoverably lose the power of either speech, sight in both eyes, hearing in both ears or use of both hands or both feet.

Survivor Benefit:

If you die during a period of disability for which the EP has been completed and Monthly Disability Income Benefits are payable, a survivor benefit of three times the last month’s disability benefit is payable to your estate.

Accumulation of Days for Waiting Period:

To satisfy the waiting period, non-consecutive days of disability, which results from the
same or related cause, may be accumulated, provided no two periods of disability are separated by more than 24 months.

Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) rider.

Allows your monthly disability benefit to increase once you have been disabled for 12 consecutive months, in accordance with the Consumer Price Index, and subject to an annual maximum of up to 10%.

Future Income Option (FIO) rider

Allows your disability insurance coverage increase by up to $2,500 every year until age 55 without you having to provide medical evidence.

Own Occupation rider

Professionals or people with specialized skills may find this rider policy beneficial as it eliminates the ‘Any Occupation Test’ and provides the disabled individual with long term disability benefits as long as he/she is unable to perform the essential duties of their own occupation or until age 65, whichever is sooner.

Health Care Profession

You will be considered totally disabled due to sickness if, you are infected with HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C infection, and as a direct result, a licensing body prohibits you: from performing one or more of the substantial duties of your regular occupation, or
you are required to disclose an infected condition to patients.

  • Guaranteed contract, contract cannot be cancelled or changed.
  • Guaranteed premiums until age 65 (Your premiums will not increase with age.)
  • No reduction of benefits if your income is reduced or of you receive benefits elsewhere
  • Return to work assistance program
  • Worldwide portability (you don’t have to maintain membership with an association or group to have coverage)

If you had a pre-existing condition within the 24 months prior to coverage being inforce and the disability is related to a pre-existing condition and begins within 24 months after the coverage is in effect, then that condition would not be covered. However, if there are no claims after two years, all conditions are covered.

No benefits are payable for disability:

  • Resulting from declared or undeclared war;
  • Resulting from injuries sustained or sickness contracted while in the military services of any country at war, whether such war be declared or undeclared;
  • Resulting from normal pregnancy and/or childbirth; or
  • Any period of imprisonment or confinement in a similar institution.


Medical school is demanding on your time and budget, Disability Insurance doesn’t have to be. Disability Insurance gives you the financial protection you need, when you need it – today, and at every stage of your career.

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