Long-Term Care


A long-term health crisis can plunge an independent person into a period of physical dependency on others. Even more devastating, can be the costs associated with long-term care – from nursing to medical equipment to income loss and more.

Long-Term Care Insurance protects your income, savings and assets, and alleviates the financial and physical stress on your loved ones through a variety of features. LTC pays a monthly benefit if you require care within your home or in a facility. While a certain degree of public support is available, government programs are not comprehensive and private services are very costly.

Long-Term Care Insurance provides:

  • Benefits, should you become physically dependent and need substantial or stand-by assistance to perform two or more of the six activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, feeding, continence, toileting and transferring), or require continual supervision due to a deteriorating mental ability;
  • Benefit amounts that may be spent as you wish – no receipts required;
  • Flexible options to create a plan that works within your needs;
  • Flexible waiting periods and benefit payment periods to keep premiums within your budget.

You can protect your finances and lifestyle by using Long-Term Care benefits for:

  • Nursing care, rehabilitation and therapy;
  • Homemaking services (such as meal preparation, cleaning, laundry, home repairs, lawn care);
  • Payment to family members or friends to help support their care giving efforts;
  • Travelling expenses (gas, hotel, restaurants) for necessary treatment if not available locally.


Long-Term Care Insurance can provide financial stability in uncertain times. So be prepared, because choosing the right coverage for the long term can make all the difference today, and at every stage of your life.

Whatever your Long-Term Care Insurance needs are; we can help you obtain the coverage that is suitable for you.

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