What happens if your plans get interrupted? 

Accident, sickness or injury can happen to anyone.


As you move through life, your goal is to use your income to build financial security so you can support the lifestyle you have today, and your plans for the future. But Accident, sickness or injury does happen, and can seriously affect a career plan.

Disability Insurance coverage is an effective way of protecting your financial well-being. Disability Insurance provides income continuation when the insured is unable to work as a result of sickness or injury. 

Disability Insurance provides: 

  • Protection against loss of income;
  • Tax-free monthly income;
  • Benefits to age 65 or the end of a disability;
  • Protection against inflation;

During your working years, your income is what allows you to enjoy the things that are important to you. Like buying a home, having a family or running your business. Having Disability Insurance coverage can allow you to accomplish these things even if you’re not able to work.

Get your money back if you do not suffer a disability. Fortunately, not everyone will suffer a disability during their working years. It’s possible to receive all or a portion of your eligible premium back with the return-of premium rider.

Plan features includes: 

  • Non-Cancellable contract;
  • Premiums guaranteed not to change;
  • Own Occupation definition;
  • Protection for your future earnings;
  • Return of premium rider.


Many people take their ability to earn an income for granted. Clearly, this ability is one’s greatest asset.  You can protect your greatest asset by having Disability Insurance.

Whatever your disability insurance needs are; we can help you obtain the coverage that will suit your needs – now, and at every stage of your working life. Let us help you protect your financial security.

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